Pony Up For Savor: Tickets And Salons Still Available

TorstOh, New Yorkers, hear my plea. The fact that there remain tickets for Savor: An American Craft Beer + Food Experience is a travesty and a blemish on our fine beer-drinking city.

I know, I know… With all the beer events in NYC—not to mention the proliferation of craft beer bars and new breweries opening in and around the city—it can be hard to decide which forays into the beer wilderness are worth your time (not to mention cost). We residents of the world’s most dynamic city sometimes forget that tourists bring more to our hometown than clogged walkways: they come with an attitude of gratitude because they can see and do more in NYC than they ever could in their own hometowns. And they pay a premium to be here.

So here are the top 10 reasons why you need to get it together and plunk down the $170+ today and get with the Savor Experience.

  1. This is the first, and perhaps only, time that Savor will be in NYC. There are craft beer drinkers from all over the world (not to mention Westchester) who will be driving/flying/busing and training in to get here. All you have to do is walk or swipe your metro card. No expensive hotel or transportation bills to pay.
  2. If Savor doesn’t sell out, the “perhaps only” in #1 above will be come “definitely only.” While it’s not cheap to travel to NYC to attend an event of this caliber, it’s even more expensive to host it. Savor returns to D.C. next year and then it’s uncertain where they’ll be in 2015. In 2010, the D.C. Savor sold out in 10 minutes! What is wrong with NYC that there are tickets remaining this close to the date? Come on! Wouldn’t it be great to have this as a bi-annual event in NYC? The only way that will happen is if the Brewers Association at least breaks even.
  3. A ticket to Savor costs less than one meal at Per Se or a Broadway ticket. Yep, NYC is expensive. Dining out is expensive. For less than you’d pay for most premium events/venues, you can be at Savor.
  4. Are NYC craft beer drinkers less sophisticated than the country at large? New Yorkers can get a bit arrogant sometimes. I think this stems in part from justifying (to ourselves and others) why we pay so much in rent! We’re stronger, better, faster and more tenacious than the rest of the country (and fughettabout Europe). But we have a long way to go as a “beer destination” city. Our noses are constantly being rubbed in the Portlands (both of them) of the world. Hell, Atlanta seems to have a more rarefied beer community than we do. I’m not saying we should be beer snobs, but when a one-of-a-kind event comes to our city, shame on us if we don’t come out in droves to support it.
  5. Savor is not a beer festival. Savor is all about pairing food with beer, which is—in many ways—a key differentiation between drinking craft and drinking swill (or—worse in The Bitch’s opinion—pseudo-craft… I have no issues with a cold lime-stuffed Corona on a sweat-soaked day, but spare me the Shocktop). Beer is ideal for food pairing, and it’s what keeps us from being frat boys and drunks. Savor features 153 beers paired with 46 menu items created by some of this country’s most renown chefs. Plus, there are cheese and oyster stands for DIY pairings. Thus, for example, you will finally be able to answer the question: Which pairs better with Duck Rillette with Peach Hoisin on Black Brioche? Is it Choc Beer Co.’s Signature Dubbel or Blackberry Farm Brewery’s Screaming Cock?
  6. Savor brings the brewers themselves to the table. Ever been to GABF? Literally thousands of beers. It’s great. Until you want to ask the brewer or owner about his (sometimes her) beer. Not only is the person who made the beer probably not around, the person pouring the beer knows nothing about craft. Here’s a chance to get up close and personal with the beer makers themselves, even if it’s only to praise them for their libations.
  7. Everyone who’s anyone will be there. Your favorite beer writer will be there. Your favorite brewer will be there. Hell, chances are your favorite bartender will be there. This is an insiders’ event, for sure, but it’s not exclusive. You can talk beer with the likes of John Hall or Sam Calagione or Laura Bell, among many other beer celebs.
  8. You’ll remember this event for years to come. Depending on your age (over 21, obviously), you may not be aware that very few experiences in life really stick with you. Even the birth of your kids can be a little fuzzy (especially if you’re on the delivering side of the equation). I remember a handful of truly exquisite dining adventures. Savor is sure to be among those stored in my memory banks until Alzheimer’s or death wrenches it from me.
  9. Forget the beer; come for the food. Beer and Food Pairing Chef Consultant Adam Dulye has painstakingly put together a heavenly menu that puts the “u” in gourmet. Chances are you’ve probably paid upwards of $50 for so-so offerings at a food festival in the city that brings you dumplings and lobster rolls served out of a truck. You may have dropped $75 for an outdoor grilling event (such as the pop-up BBQ offerings that appear every summer in NYC). But where on earth can you get a buffet of Roasted Peach on Brioche with Fried Pancetta and Dandelion Greens; Green Pea Tapioca garnished with Smoked Salmon and Mint; Crispy Pork Belly in Kimchee Rice Balls with Green Garlic Aioli; and Pigeon Crudo with Olive Oil, Juniper Ice Cream and Smoked Grapes (among dozens of other offerings) all included in one ticket price? A sampling menu of this quality would easily set you back $250 (before drinks) and you’d get, perhaps, all of 15 courses. $170 for Savor is a steal by those standards.
  10. Back to the beer: A ticket to Savor will cost you less than a trip to Tampa Bay or—Bacchus forbid—Munster, Indiana. There are 76 different craft brewers that will be at Savor, and among them are many “cult” beers you cannot find in NYC. Bell’s Brewery? Check! Cigar City? Double Check. And, of course, there is the little matter of (and, yes, I know I’ve surpassed the 10 reasons limit, but most of all, you should attend Savor because)…
  11. 3Floyds will be in attendance. And they’re bringing Zombie Dust.

Any questions? Tickets for Savor are available here.

Food and beer. They're meant to go together.

Food and beer. They’re meant to go together.

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