Buy This Bar A Drink… Mugs Alehouse Turns 21

Photo courtesy of Mugs Alehouse.

Photo courtesy of Mugs Alehouse.

In an era where keeping a business up and running is a challenge in the best of times, it’s hard to imagine a bar that’s old enough to buy itself a drink. Yet, today, Mugs Alehouse in northside Williamsburg is celebrating its 21st year in business.

Owner Ed Berestecki remembers those early years, having to work side jobs just to keep in business (apparently, not a lot has changed in the bar business in that regard). When the bar first opened, the neighborhood was more dodgy than hipster (neighboring Brooklyn Brewery was only eight years old at the time). The bar started with eight tap lines and now have 32, but it’s the history of bottles on the walls that are the real conversation pieces.

So, stop on by tonight and be sure to get a hit off that sixtel of of Brooklyn Brewery’s Blood Brother’s IPA 20th Anniversary Ale. It was created especially for them last year, and rumor has it the beer has aged well.

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