How I Spent My Summer Vacation

DIYBeerBrewingIn the words of one Mr. John, the Bitch is Back!

Seriously though, while I appreciate the concern some loyal followers had for me during my unintended hiatus, I’ve been really busy. That’s an excuse, and I’m hoping to get back into a rhythm now that it’s less than 90 degrees in my writing space (i.e. an unairconditioned apartment in Brooklyn).

Among my greater accomplishments this summer:

  1. I went to Asheville, a great beer town; I am pretty sure I’ve found my retirement spot, which is either in the city or slightly west in the Hendersonville area. (Expect a blog update soon, which I will link back to here.)
  2. I went to the Adirondacks (a mixed blessing of a trip, but some very cool beer happenings happening… again, will try to have a post very soon).
  3. I wrote a book! My DIY Beer Brewing book is now available for purchase (more on this below).
  4. I got a belligerent adolescent boy to do copious amounts of homework.
  5. I helped judge the third-annual North American Guild of Beer Writers Writing Awards.

I also completed many paid-for blog posts and dealt with the ongoing evolution of my grown daughter (dissed by a studio, finding first love, getting interest from a new studio, preparing to graduate college… it’s a marathon, not a sprint, apparently!). Not to mention my own evolution (I ain’t dead yet).

But this post here today is about my new book! More than a year ago, I was asked to ghost write a homebrew book. It was extensive and I put in a great many hours. It wasn’t the first book I’ve ghost written, so when I completed the work, I cashed the check and moved on. After a few months, there were a few editorial updates which I completed somewhat grudgingly (by that point, I had new deadlines to fulfill). Then, nothing. I rarely search for my ghost writing; I figure once it’s out of my hands, it’s out of my thoughts.

Fast-forward to this spring, when a new publisher (Rockwood Press) had taken over the project from the old publisher (which never published the original book). They wanted to streamline considerably what I had written and asked me to do extensive rewrites. I complied… and cashed the check. Pretty soon thereafter, lots of editorial activity. Soon, it appeared that this book was actually going to print, with daily check-ins from graphic designers and clarifications on a few of my sidebars. I pitched in and worked through weekends (for no additional pay, I might add). I did so because it’s in my nature to do good work. Maybe that’s why I tend to be broke all the time!

Then I received an innocuous, brief email from the publisher: “Would you like accreditation?”

That was the entirety of the email. I thought, “Whoa! Are you giving me an author credit?!?” What I wrote was, “If you’re offering me an author credit, then, yes. Thank you.”

So, my long journey to my first beer book has come to an end. It’s a very well put together book, if I do say so myself. It’s definitely for the new homebrewer or possibly for a former homebrewer in need of a refresher course. The graphics bring my text to life, and the design team did a great job with the layout. If you want to show me some love, buy it here (and if you purchase on a Kindle—I cannot vouch for the quality of the layout/design elements on an e-reader—please be sure to scroll through to the end, as that’s how Amazon now determines sales for payment). I don’t get royalties, so there’s nothing monetary in it for me at this point. But I’d love for this book to be a success and to read a few reviews on the website. It’s also available through other major publishing platforms: Barnes & Noble, Apple and Kobo.

Thanks for your support, and happy homebrewing this fall!

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