Puddin’ for Patrick

CreamPuffCooking with beer is always an interesting adventure. I heard that East Village artisanal pudding shop (yes, there is an artisanal pudding shop in the East Village) Puddin’ by Clio had whipped up some special cream puffs in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, so I took it upon myself to stop by. Let’s just say the result was bit mixed.

The pudding incorporated Brooklyn Brewery’s Dry Irish Stout, a 4.7% ABV that has a fairly mild (i.e. not bitter) flavor that should work well in cooking. I’ve cooked with stouts, and in general, I don’t recommend them because they simply overpower the flavor of the food. Now, the low ABV boded well for cooking in a rich medium such as pudding, but the cream puff was very beer laden. The cherry compote was almost indiscernible in the mix. The soda bread exterior matched the beery-ness, so I’m guessing that’s what chef/owner Clio Goodman was going for in this recipe.

All in all, I wouldn’t choose this as my dessert, but for one week each year (it’s a special off-menu item only available until March 17th), it’s worth a try. Let’s just say the Bitch is Satisfied.

Puddin’ is located at 102 St. Marks (aka 8th Street) near the corner of First Avenue (towards Avenue A, south side of the street).