The Best Bets

Where should you be drinking this week? Here’s where you come to find out! Calendar is done in good faith; The Bitch advises contacting the establishment in the event of changes or unintentional mistakes. Want your event added? Please e-mail The Bitch (and add me to your contacts, since some e-mail has no sense of humor when it comes to the word “Bitch”).

*COME BACK FOR UPDATES* (Please scroll to bottom of any page for continuously updated calendar, minus recommendations.)

Symbol Key (NOTE: All events are pay-as-you-go unless marked by a “$” per the key):

!= The Bitch’s Best (especially recommended)
$= Free drink tastings at this event
$= Free food and/or giveaways at this event
$= A Flat-Fee event (all drinks/food included in the cover charge or set price)
*= A Meet The Brewer/Owner event
*= An affiliated event (i.e. The Bitch is receiving press pass/product/pay)
*= Updated after post was originally published

Wednesday, March 5th:


Thursday, March 6th:


Friday, March 7th:


Saturday, March 8th:


Sunday, March 9th:


Other upcoming events:

Impressive and/or larger events that are coming soon: TBA

This template was originally created by Mary Izett of My Life on Craft. I invite you to visit Mary’s new blog in support of her (and Chris Cuzme’s) great show on Heritage Radio Network, Fuhmentaboudit!

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