The Business

I know what I know and what I know is this: You can only go so far in the Craft Beer world without a marketing platform. As important as creating recipes, developing a brand, designing art and launching your business, marketing your product or establishment is the difference between having a two-block radius of customers and finding a national (or even international) audience!

I work more with the “little” fella than the Laguintases of the world (although I do love me some SoCal beer!), and—most importantly—I only market craft beer. It pains me to see how smaller beer productions (whether brewers, importers, restaurants or retailers) have been burned by high-end PR boutiques that know NOTHING about the craft beer market. They sell multi-thousand-dollar packages and then basically spam their mailing lists, which may include few to no actual beer media of worth. I don’t do that. I’m very committed to figuring out what you need and helping you develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that is customized and targeted.

And it’s not as expensive as you may think!

  • $50 – gets you a one-hour phone consultation;
  • $100 – gets you a face-to-face meeting (NYC only) up to 90 minutes;
  • Additional work is performed at the rate of $25-$50/hour, or on a RFQ per-project basis.

In one meeting, I can help you strategize and create a bullet-point blueprint of where your organization needs to put its marketing priorities. After that initial consultation, you are free to implement your strategy in-house, hire someone else, or continue on with me. Yes, I have actually talked myself out of a few gigs. I’m that good!

Figuring out what you need and when you need it, working with a realistic start-up budget, setting reasonable goals on a timeline that generates true ROI… THAT is what I do. Not a bunch of false promises (or “hey, let’s buy followers to look good”) that are completely superficial and—long term—often detrimental to your brand.

I hope you will contact me directly (e-mail is best for initial contact). Let’s talk about how I can help you take your beer, brewery or craft beer business to the next level.

Give Cheers and Message The Bitch!

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